Ask your MP to stand up for medical care for everyone.

We all need care when we’re unwell. But right now, some of the most at-risk people in our community find it almost impossible to get medical care.

As the pandemic has clearly shown, this affects us all. To stay well and healthy, everyone in our community needs good access to the vaccinations and other essential healthcare services.

If you agree that nobody should suffer because they can’t see a doctor or get a COVID-19 vaccination, join the campaign.

How can we resolve this?

We call on MPs and Councillors to:

  • Work with the local councils and clinical commissioning groups to provide open access vaccination sites that do not request identity documents or an NHS number
  • Encourage every GP practice in their constituencies to join the Safe Surgeries initiative - a network of GP practices committed to providing inclusive healthcare
  • Stand with us to make sure that nobody in our community is denied access to the vaccination or medical care when they need it
Will you challenge your MP?
Will you challenge your MP?

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